About Salem Tech

Headquartered in Chicago, Salem Tech has been serving the ever-changing IT and Engineering needs of our clients for decades. Over the years, Salem has built a reputation of excellence, while being managed by the same executive team that founded the company. Our IT and Engineering recruiters each average over a decade in technology recruiting, and they make it a point to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. As a result, your Salem recruiting team offers you an impressive depth and breadth of experience coupled with up-to-the-minute knowledge of today's technology landscape.

Salem Tech's team is experienced specifically in Technology and Engineering staffing – which means that, when you work with Salem Tech, you're working with people who understand your specific needs and your particular requirements. As a result, Salem's team is staffing at the speed of need – fulfilling your requirements quickly and efficiently, with the best talent available.

We know that, these days, you're busier than ever. So, it's more critical than ever that your technology staffing provider be an expert not only in your technical requirements, but also in your corporate culture and organizational environment. What you need is a firm - a partner - who will provide you with quality candidates - rather than a large quantity of resumes. We understand: you don't need more paper - you need the best technology professionals out there - and you need them fast. That's a critical Salem differentiator: too often, you're faced with the unfortunate dilemma of having to choose between speed and quality. With Salem, we allow you to choose both - every time - because that is what you and your business need and deserve.